Removal Requests regularly responds to requests to
remove phone numbers from our database for homeowners, cellphone users, and businesses not involved in telemarketing or criminal activity. If you honestly believe that someone has made a fake comment or defamatory remark that exceeds any rational expectation of honest criticism please contact us.  

Please be aware that your removal request will be subject to an honest review and if it appears that you have knowingly participated in a unwanted phone call then your request will be rejected.

While we can't guarantee the removal of comments listed on our website, we can assure you that any criticism of your company will be honest.

If possible we would kindly ask that you provide any evidence you have of your genuine activities.

Advice For Business Owners

Publicly listing your active telemarketing phone numbers on a reputable website will reduce the likelihood that angry users will make negative comments about your company on our website.  If there is less uncertainty about your true identity or intentions for calling people then users will be less suspicious or paranoid about your activities.

We make it an active policy to remove phone numbers from our database if we feel that the business in question has a professional web presence that makes our efforts redundant.

Contact Information

The staff at can be reached at:

[email protected]